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Thoughtful, Non-Judgmental  
Doula Support

Certified DONA Birth Doula, trained with Spinning Babies and The VBAC Link


Income Based Pricing Available

Serving the Cuyahoga County Area In Person

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  • Continuous text and phone support for questions and discussions related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.

  • Two prenatal visits to get to know each other so we can foster an open relationship and I can learn more about you and your needs. We will discuss birth options, postpartum planning, provider communication, and third trimester birth preparation. Based on your needs and preferences, I do everything I can to support you and prepare you for a empowering birth experience. 

  • We will create personalized Visual Birth Plans to share your preferences and informed choices with your birth team and caretakers

L A B O R  &  B I R T H

My commitment to you as your Doula is to be there for continuous support for the duration of your labor and delivery. I am there to see you through one of the most vulnerable and empowering experiences of your life. I will be with you as a source of knowledge, comfort and security.


Every birth is different. I customize my support and practices based on your needs. 

  • Physical comfort measures and pain relief

  • Birth partner guidance

  • Pelvic positioning techniques

  • Advocacy for informed choice

  • Emotional support, affirmations, and guidance

  • Maintaining a peaceful birth space


  • I will be with you for 1-2 hours post-birth for immediate support and assistance with the first feeding. I continue to maintain a peaceful, comfortable space for you and your new family to bond by encouraging skin to skin bonding, organizing your space, taking family photos if requested, and helping plan your first post-birth meal!

  • A home visit for you (and/or your birth partner) to speak openly about your birth experience and ask questions

  • Referrals to local resources for specialized care

Other Support Services

Offerings to individualize the support you want.

Birth Preparation Consultation and Personalized Birth Plans


If you do not want a doula for labor support but would like to spend evening discussing birth options, medical interventions, and goals. Afterwards you will receive personalized visual birth plans laying out your preferences for a vaginal birth and a surgical birth. Based on your needs and wants, I customize our sessions to include guidance for third trimester physical and mental preparation, postpartum planning, and provider communication questions. We can also do a birth walk-through to go over physical and emotional techniques and comfort measures for each phase of labor.

Text and Call  1-4 Trimester Support 

$100 per trimester

A non-judgemental resource to talk through and prepare for prenatal appointments, discuss birth options, troubleshoot aches and pains, emotional support especially during the last month while waiting for labor to begin, and a go-to person for figuring out the signs of early labor. 

 Phone Call Consultation 


Email me to schedule a phone call to discuss any pregnancy or birth related inquiry you have. I am happy to offer you advice and guidance. I have the resources, experience, and information to help!

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About Gia

Since Gia started serving clients in 2019, she has made it her goal to educate, comfort, and advocate for parents during the most vulnerable time that is birth. She has spent years attending professional trainings and taking in guidance her from doula mentors to offer thoughtful individualized support to clients. She sees birth as an emotional and sacred transition in one’s life. Her intuition, calm energy, and determination make up her unique style of birth support.


Birth captivated Gia long before her journey into motherhood began. So when the time came to plan the birth of her first child in 2018, she chose homebirth as a low risk first time mom. Her labor at home took many turns and after 40 hours her baby was born via surgery in the hospital. She had prepared for uncomplicated at-home labor, she was not ready for a hospital transfer, obstetric violence, and recovery from a c-section. Four years later after time spent processing, healing and preparing, she gave birth to her second son and achieved an unmedicated Breech VBAC.


When she is not in the birth world, you can find her at home on the westside of Cleveland with her high school sweetheart/husband Jeffrey. They spend their time making good Italian food, gardening, renovating their home and consciously parenting their two sons, Luca and Danilo.

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I'm here.

Let's talk about your birth. 
Free 30 minute consultations to discuss your birth and my services.

Talk to you soon!

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Gia made my natural hospital birth was a breeze! This being my first baby, Gia happily provided my partner and I with all the knowledge and preparation that we needed during our prenatal meetings and via text. She was able to answer all of our questions, educate us, and ensure we both felt confident. Our birth experience was beautiful, calm, loving, psychedelic- all thanks to Gia. She guided me through the birthing process, reminded me of what was important, and got my baby here in the most beautiful way possible. Her attention to detail and her genuine care for my family was exactly what I needed. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Thank you Gia!

- Google Review 2022

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I couldn't be happier with my experience having Gia as my doula. Our prenatal meetings were very professional & she was so informed & educated & did an outstanding job relaying her knowledge to me during our meetings. She was very easy to connect with & I was very comfortable. She was always accessible to me. I wanted a natural birth with low intervention & no induction. Gia absolutely blew me away when it came to structuring my birth plan. She helped me figure out what I would want to do in every scenario that might come up. I felt so informed going into the birth & that was thanks to her. After My water broke I communicated that with Gia and she was very helpful & excited. Gia came over where she helped assist with some positions & we discussed our next steps. She helped me after deciding to induce naturally via the breast pump. Gia was right there, encouraging me as I experienced unmediated labor with a calming presence and helped me move to the best position. I'm not exaggerating when I say, she is the reason I was able to have a natural birth. She guided the strength that I had inside of me to the surface with her affirmations and Support. The actual birth of the baby was briefly traumatic, as the baby had to be taken away to make sure she was safe. Gia was with me this whole time reassuring me of how well I did while I was processing what was going on. In the days following the birth of my daughter, she was available and helped with getting me some resources regarding shoulder dystocia. If we choose to have another baby, I know with complete certainty that I will ask Gia to be my doula again. It was such a rewarding experience having her assist in the birth of our daughter. I felt completely supported & confident in my choices during birth & that is thanks to Gia making sure I had informed consent with every choice.  You will absolutely be cared for as a whole person if you have Gia as your doula.

- Athena 2020

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